oil & demand

imageshere’s an interesting read shared with me by a colleague recently. interested to know any thoughts on this.

peak oil demand – ezra klein


we are all lying in the gutter

but some of us are looking at the stars – that was oscar wilde i believe.


I’ve discovered joanna macy. omg how did i get this far through my life without knowing about her. i’m eternally grateful to phil harrington for bringing her to my attention

anyway i like barney’s reframe – we’re all lying amongst the stars but some of us keeping looking into the gutter

update on the car-less state

it’s been around nine months since we bade the car farewell. she was a lovely thing but irretrievably smashed.  IMG_0889

this was Harry, Pepe & I in the ambulance, freaked out but glad to each be in one piece

anyhow, we took the decision not to replace the care and see how it went. we saw it as an opportunity to green ourselves up a little and a car is a biggie.

well, it’s been great.

we have hired a hybrid car every 6 – 8 weeks or so for particular reasons (like our annual autumn retreat to cradle mountain) and sometimes to just take the dogs to the beach. we’ve just about always managed to get a hybrid thanks to avis trying harder 😉

we’ve used taxis as needed, or wanted, and have more often than not got hybrids by choosing the right taxi company.

we have the cutest EVER! electric bike for cross town meetings and bits & pieces – it flies up Forest Road at terrifying speed 😀

and we’ve walked. 2012-12-24 14.38.27my how we’ve walked. it’s quite lovely. much faster that we thought. far less hassle than we expected. we are definitely fitter, and have had more fun – Barney has even retold the complete Lord of the Rings, in detail, to Harry walking to & from school (yeah i know the photo isn’t hobart, but it makes the point…)

in the end it has been a simple decision. tell – why wouldn’t you try it?

looking forward

we’ve wandered through our last day in Berlin.
marvelling at the flotsam from last nights revels,






while Harry and I stayed out of the cold and contemplated the next station

Larissa joins us tomorrow in Prague, she flies in from Copenhagen where she’s had an eventful couple of days with an old and beloved friend. you probably saw most of it on Facebook before her iPhone was lifted…

this was the plan left on the table after she headed to CH


I’m trusting it’ll work.

we also thought over what we like about Berlin. our list included (in no particular order)

Lego museum (guess who)
spielenplatz and the whole approach to kids
beautiful things every where you look
eating croissants
hearing the German language all around us
hearing all sorts of languages all around us
Zoo Station
U2 (our local and much used U-bahn line)
beautiful dogs – everywhere! shops, trains, buses, cafes, everywhere!
the Wall
living history
living in history
living with history
museum and beautiful old stuff
German food
biologische leben
do whatever, it’s all good, live and let live
cheap alcohol and cigarettes

good bye Berlin, of course we can’t wait to come back.

old stuff and snow

photos at last. these are from our pre-Christmas days.

we started at what is apparently THE creepiest place in the WORLD, according to Harry. He’s never been in a church before and found altogether too much creep factor. the whole grim statues staring at you, and endless images of moaning people and some poor dead guy with nails in his hands and a sliced open tummy – not his cup of tea apparently.
somewhat concerning for his mater and pater who are aware that we have some weeks of the dead guy and the moaning hoardes ahead… however I’m happy to report that by yesterday he confided that he was used to it now. phew.

however, we made our way through the lovely cathedral and to the very top of the Berliner Dom and saw the whole of Berlin, or so it seemed, stretching out before us.

when we came out, it was snowing. really was snowing. we were happy. really happy.



then we spent a few lovely hours wowing at the really old stuff, a wonderful exhibition of Greek, Etruscan and Roman artefacts, in the
Altes Museum

and more snow.


in fact the snow was so real that we simply had to visit another Weinachtsmarkt, this time in Alexanderplatz




old stuff and snow